Chicago Videography

Killer Cam Studios is a full-service Chicago videography company.

From scripting to DVD duplication and distribution to music video production, we provide affordable and professional Chicago videography products for webcast, cable television, corporate training and public relations needs.

Killer Cam Studios pride ourselves in producing quality videos, no matter the budget, that our clients will proudly use for years to come. Our success depends on using the right equipment and personnel every time.

If you are looking for a Chicago Videography Company, then you have come to the right place! Killer Cam Studios has the expertise you need to create high quality videos that have a well-written script, perfect lighting, great sound, and a clear picture. Not all videos are created equal, so it’s more important to have the right video on your site than to just have any video. Because some videos are too important to shoot on a camera phone!

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Web analysts agree that having a Commercial Video on your website can accomplish 2 things: 1) HIGHER RANKINGS in the top Search Engines and an 2) INCREASED RATE of Customer Retention. It’s really quite simple. If you add an informational video to your site, your traffic will INCREASE, and your visitors will stay longer, understand more of your message, and convert into greater profits.

Chicago Videography

As a Chicago Videography company, Killer Cam Studios is a proud partner in producing the Chicago television show, Chicago Uncut.

Corporate Video Creation plays a central role in online marketing and is essential for your company to stand out from your competitors. At Killer Cam Studios, we offer customized web videos in three specific areas:

In order to properly serve our clients, Eclipse uses the finest Corporate Video EQUIPMENT including a Panasonic AF100, full lighting setup, editing hardware & software suite, Rode microphones, dolly (for extended pan shots), and jib.

We also understand that a script is the most important element of your video. Therefore, we employ experienced writers to DEVELOP YOUR SCRIPT in order to achieve the maximum impact on your audience. We go the extra mile in your Video Creation to ensure that your video will set you apart from your competition.