Chicago Wedding Videographer

Killer Cam Studios is not your typical Chicago wedding videographer. Our documentary style artistically captures your wedding day through high-end professional HD cameras for beautiful images. Your main video includes your preparations, ceremony and reception timed as they occurred on your big day. A highlights video may also be included as a bonus feature. We use multiple discrete audio recording units to capture the sounds of the wedding and our shooting style is professional and non-obtrusive while still being hands-on and energetic.

Hire a creative Chicago wedding videographer!

Our Approach

A good filmmaker must also be a good storyteller. With each film we create, we focus on the personalities of the bride, groom, family and friends.  We capture the smaller moments that come together to set the atmosphere of the wedding day.

Our approach is to capture the way your day felt, going beyond how even you remember it, and preserving memories to share with future generations.  The end result is a thoughtfully edited feature-film that is filled with emotion, beauty, fun and personality. A film that you will want to watch again and again. Thank you for considering us to share in your special day.

Documentary Style Videos – Your Creative Chicago Wedding Videographer

Our alternate brand Chicago wedding videography offers a more cinematic, film-like style to both the filming and editing of your wedding day. Our shorter-length feature films combine beautiful footage with personal audio from your preparations, vows and toasts. The result is a film that both family and guests will enjoy watching from beginning to end without ‘fast-forwarding’ through the longer parts of the video. We also include your full ceremony, toasts and formal dances as bonus features on your DVD.

Cinematic Wedding Films – The Future in Chicago Wedding Videography

Chicago Wedding Videographer